Travelling alone = Financial Independence?

For the first time, I had traveled out of Singapore alone to London for a company conference trip.

And honestly, i find the experience of waiting to board the plane, and spending 14 hours on the plane alone, very boring…

However, once i got to London, what was interesting was, i didn’t exactly have a itinerary, I would just walk around (London weather is cool for walking). See anything that is of interest to me, I will stop, go in, have a look, take a bus, take a train. I get hungry, stop at M&S grab a quick burger, or pop by at Cafe Nero and savor a piping hot mocha. You get my drill. So much freedom to do what I wanted.

This got me thinking, being on this journey toward Financial Independence is boring. You live frugally, you have plans to follow. (Just like waiting to board the plane etc…)

However, once I am financially independent, It will be just like when I reach London. I get to job hop around, doing what I like, or if I don’t like the job, I can just quit without having to worry about paying bills. I get the freedom to choose the job that I want.

A lot of people thinks that being FI means retirement, that’s not true, you can choose to retire, or you can continue to work. The difference now is, you get to choose the work you like to do, not the other way round 🙂

I like how every time when i look at my financial goals, i am a step closer to achieving my FI. Can’t wait!  😀





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  1. Good to know you are progressing well towards FI. It’s the freedom to choose what we want to do in our work and life that drives us towards that goal. Makes everything feel better when you know you have a choice to walk away or continue!

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