Guess what, there’s going to be a number 3 in our family!

If you’ve followed my TTC journey series, you would have realised that we have been trying for a kid since 2015.

It’s true, people always tell me that when you least expect to be pregnant, you will get pregnant.
We kinda took things easy after 3 unsuccessful IUIs. and guess what, i’m 29 weeks now!

While I’m excited about this whole thing, i’m feeling anxious at the same time.

1st point being, i’m 35 going on 36 this year. That means I fall in the high risk pregnancy group.
We’ve done the necessary tests, and so far all good.

2nd point – what does this mean to me financially? Will i still be able to gain financial independent by 2025?
Everyone knows having a kid in Singapore is expensive.
So for now, I’m not sure if I will still be able to invest 50% of my income after the baby is born.

To date we have spent $4104 on trying to have a kid/kid stuff. (you can see the breakdown here)

Currently, these are the list of items or expenses that i think we need to spend

  • Delivery charges – $4000
  • Baby cots (we need 2) – $500
  • new bed – $1000
  • baby clothes
  • consumables e.g. baby wipes, milk powder, diapers

Luckily, Mr and I have this joint account where we have been saving and contributing a % of our salary since we’ve gotten married. So we have sufficient funds for these. For now, we use the money in this account for any house bills or grocery. With a baby on board, we might have to allocated more funds to this account.

Well, exciting times ahead! 🙂